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Patient Notice 24/04/2024

Dear Patients,

Unfortunately, even we are not immune to inflationary pressures and increased prices. As a result of circumstance out of our control, we will, as of 24/04/23, increase our independent prices. 

We have tried to keep the increase to a minimum.  Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. Your SMDC – Team

Routine Examination Adult



New Patient Consultation
£80 (including 2 small radiographs)
Existing Patient
Small xray, in chair
£11.65 each
Full head xray, referral

Routine Examination Child



New Patient Under 18s Consultation
Fluoride Application




Existing Patient Adult
£60 plus treatment
New Patient Adult (one off)
£75 plus treatment
New Patient Under 18
£30 plus treatment
Existing Patient Under 18s
£30 plus treatment
Recement Crown
Recement Bridge




30 minute Ultrasonic Scale and Routine Polish
60 minute Ultrasonic Scale and Routine Polish
60 minute Air Flow Polish & Ultrasonic Scale
Root surface debridement (More complex periodontal treatment will require additional appointments as clinically required. Which will come under a separate item of treatment with a corresponding fee. This will be discussed with your Dentist or Hygienist)
£69 per 30 mins Hygienist/£105 per 30 mins Dentist




Amalgam (silver)
from £85 each
Composite (white)
from £90 each
Fissure Sealant
£16.50 each
Temporary Filling
£24 each




Simple Extractions
from £140 each
Surgical Extractions
from £200 each

Tooth Whitening



Tooth whitening (Free* Consultation for existing patients with an up-to-date exam)
New Patient Whitening Consultation
£80 (included in full check up)
Boutique - Includes impressions for whitening trays and 4 syringes of whitening gel for 2 weeks at home whitening. Choose from Day (1.5 hours a day) or Night (Overnight).
£450; Top up syringes £40 each
Enlighten - The only whitening system to guarantee a B1 shade (the lightest natural shade). Includes impressions for lab made whitening trays, 3 syringes of whitening gel in varying strengths and desensitising gel.
£595; Top up syringes £69 each

Root Canal Treatment

1 canal
from £325
2 canals
from £399
3+ canals

Crowns, Veneers, Bridges, Inlay/Onlay



from £530 each
Traditional Bridge
from £530 per unit
from £450 each
from £605 each
Implant retained crown
from £975




Orthocaps Consultation (Free* Consultation for existing patients with an up-to-date exam)
New Patient Orthocaps Consultation
£80 (included in full check up)
1 Arch
2 Arches




Acrylic (partial)
from £530
Flexible (partial)
from £720
Acrylic full arch
from £665
Cobalt Chrome
from £950
Immediate Acrylic Denture with 1-3 teeth
from £455
Denture Repair/Addition Acrylic
Cobalt Chrome




Michigan Splint
Bilminar Nightguard
Soft Nightguard
Sleep Clench Inhibiter
Removable retainer
from £125 per arch

Facial Aesthetics



Consultation (Free* for existing patients with an up-to-date exam)
Botulinium toxin (Antiwrinkle) - 1 area
Botulinium toxin (Antiwrinkle) - 2 areas
Botulinium toxin (Antiwrinkle) - 3 areas
Dermal fillers
from £280


Cancellations and Deposits Policy

Deposits are taken to secure your next appointment booking and will be deducted from your total cost of treatment, it is not an additional cost.

If your appointment time becomes inconvenient for you, we are always happy to change it, please provide us with adequate notice as we may not be able to fill your appointment slot for another patient who may need urgent care. Missed appointments and late cancellations represent a cost to the practice. It’s understandable that sometimes cancellations cannot be helped due to sudden illness or emergencies that cannot be avoided, we will take all valid circumstances into account.

New patient Deposits

Full fee to be taken at time of booking.

£80 Adult (Excluding any offers or practice promotions)

£30 Child 0-16yrs (Excluding any offers or practice promotions)

Deposits for Standard Treatment 

£80 for Treatment appointments up to 1 hour appointment

If your treatment requires the use of a dental laboratory or equates to more than £300 – The Dentist will explain how much deposit will be required at time of booking and disclose this with the reception team, this will usually equate to 50% of the total cost of treatment depending on the type of treatment.

Deposits for Orthocaps & Orthodontic Treatment

A non-refundable charge of £750 will be required.- once the OrthoCaps Impressions have been taken and a customized 3D-Computer Simulation has been designed for an individual case.

The total cost of Orthodontic treatment will be required in 3 installments, with the first installment being received by the date of your first aligner being fitted. This will be explained to you clearly at your consultation appointment, and you will be given clear written instruction as to how your 3 payments should be made.

Cancellation Notice 

Cancellation Notice is 48 hours – Your deposit will be void if you Fail to Attend or Cancel within the 48 Hours’ notice.

It is at the Dentist/Hygienist Discretion whether to waiver your deposit. A note will be added to your file for reception if the Dentist/Hygienist agrees to waiver.

Fees are due for the treatment provided to date, at the end of each appointment, with the exception of implants and orthodontic treatments where fees are due in full at the beginning of treatment unless a payment plan has been agreed.

We respectfully ask you to pay for your new patient initial consultation on booking as well as any dental hygienist appointments. These fees will not be refunded if you fail to attend the appointment or fail to give us at least  1 working days notice if you need to cancel.

St. Michael’s Dental Care has a 48 hours appointment rescheduling policy; please let us know in advance of this time if you need to reschedule your appointment. Failure to do so may incur a fee.

Fees are calculated following assessment according to individual need and the amount of time required.

Treatments that include laboratory work require a payment of 50% of the full fee, to be paid at the appointment where impressions are taken. (For Orthocaps Treatment, please speak to you Dentist)

Our guarantee:

We will guarantee our implant restorations, crowns, bridges, inlays and veneers for 1 years, provided:

  • You have attended regular 6 monthly appointments with our hygienist and followed any advice given.
  • Failure is not due to lack of care, trauma, tooth decay or as a result of additional dentistry provided elsewhere.
  • There is not an outstanding balance on your account.
  • Fillings and other adhesive work are guaranteed for 1 years.

Treatment plans remain open for a maximum of 8 weeks if you do not return to complete your treatment you will require a further oral health assessment to assess any changes to your oral health and/or treatment plan. Treatment plans are subject to change, you will be notified in writing and consent obtained to change the course of your treatment before any dental work is carried out for the purpose of transparency and understanding.

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