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Missing Teeth

Missing teeth not only affect your smile, they can also impact upon your dental function and alter the way you speak, eat and chew.

If you have lost multiple teeth, or have had numerous extractions, it is important to restore these as soon as possible to preserve the shape of your face, reduce the chances of any deterioration of the jaw bone and to maintain dental function.

Where a single tooth has been lost, you may feel less self-conscious about your smile if you choose a prosthetic restoration.

At St. Michael’s Dental Care, we offer dental bridges and dentures to replace lost or extracted teeth, these include.

When you have lost multiple teeth, it is important to start planning for your replacements as soon as possible. This is to avoid any deterioration of the jaw bone and any difficulties in eating or speaking.

Losing your teeth can be difficult, that’s why our team will do all they can to help you replace them and restore your smile.


Dental Bridge

A dental bridge is an artificial or prosthetic tooth that can be used to replace a single missing tooth or a number of teeth in a row.

Dental bridges can be made from various materials including porcelain and metal. The choice of material depends on the location in the mouth and your budget.

A traditional dental bridge is supported on either side of the gap left by a missing tooth (or teeth) by dental crowns. These are affixed to the natural teeth to ‘anchor’ the bridge into place. There are many different varieties of bridges which your dentist can use to ‘bridge’ the gap – they will discuss the most appropriate one for your individual case.

Impressions must be taken of the natural remaining teeth so the laboratory can create the exact size and shape of bridge you require. Once this fixed restoration has been fitted, it can only be removed by a dental professional – it is therefore a strong and resilient solution for lost teeth.

Dental bridges can last for many years if you maintain a positive oral home care routine.



Dentures are by far one of the most popular solutions to replacing missing teeth and are worn by millions of people all over the world. They look and feel natural and restore your smile and dental confidence.

In years gone by, dentures gained a poor reputation for being ill-fitting, unstable and looking unnatural – however advances in dental technology now mean that dentures are built to last, look just like natural teeth and can restore your dental function.

Full dentures offer a completely new set of teeth for people who have lost all or the majority of their lower or upper dental arch. Partial dentures are used to replace a few missing teeth.

Made from a variety of materials, dentures are designed to fit firmly and to feel comfortable. At St. Michael’s Dental Care, your dentist will ensure your appliance offers you all the benefits of natural teeth. Your denture is made specifically for you and we will show you how to care for the appliance once it has been fitted.

For more information or to book a consultation, please click here or call 01622 758537.


Dental Implants

A lost tooth can often mean a loss of confidence, particularly if it’s easily visible. It can affect your biting and chewing comfort and create a hindrance to normal functions.

Going for an extended period without a tooth can have a detrimental effect on the jaw’s bone density as well.

Dental Implants are designed to provide permanent tooth replacement when one or more have been lost. Implants are nearly identical to real teeth in both look and feel and fulfil the same role. They’re easy to brush and floss around, like a real tooth.

If you do require a new Dental Implant, we will refer you to a local specialist. If you need an existing Implant to be restored, we can help you with that in our dental practice.

For more information or to book a consultation, please click here or call 01622 758537.

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